Currently, I like to define myself as an orchestra conductor for companies that want to activate or advance in B2B business digitalization.

The type of companies I am addressing are those that already have the need to or desire to change but do not have an in-house profile with my professional career.

The value proposition is to treat data with more affection and care. Improving business operational processes through automation, implementing hyper-personalization, and advancing in the digitalization of the commercial network (investing in people) by incorporating new processes and technology.

Partner of e-CENS, an international consultancy specializing in data management with headquarters in Dubai and offices in the US and Germany.

In Digital since 1996, 500 clients and 1,380 projects carried out in B2B, 90% of those with positive ROIs. I have founded 4 companies and 1 e-commence. Super Motard (BMW) and open water canoe enthusiast.


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    Promoting in 2004 in the Search Engine Strategies of San José and London the creation of SEMPO Europe and Sempo Spain (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) when digital industry and markets were skeptical about this new channel of search engine optimization (SEO).

  • 2

    Getting into the select list of globally authorized consultants of Google Analytics in 2005 (only accessible to companies highly specialized in Web Analytics).

  • 3

    Being one of the few experienced professionals worldwide who has attended 14 consecutive years and uninterruptedly the meeting of Google Analytics Partners at the Google offices in Mountain View.

  • 4

    Being a pioneer in Spain in promoting data and web analytics industry (linked to the Web Analytics Association) and SEO (through the SEMPO organization).

  • 5

    Collaborator as a judge since 2012 in the European Search Awards selecting the best innovative projects in search engine marketing.

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    e-CENS partner,based in Dubai with offices in the US and Germany. Certified partner of Google Marketing Platform , Tealium, MooEngagey Contentsquare. More info in this post.


I have collaborated with different national organizations and I have continuously attended since 2004 to the main international events such as Search Engine Strategies in NY or eMetrics in San Jose (CA) among others, in Europe, US and Asia.



Referenced in different media and collaborator with journalists to analyze the news and changes occurred in the digital industry.